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Yoga Overlooking Ancient Delos


Being aware of your senses brings you to a more focused, lighter and calm state of being. Yoga at Delos Island is a full mind, body and soul experience that will harmonize your soul and bring your senses to this state. The smell of salt in the air, the historic background and feel of the island and the soothing sound of waves crashing onto the shore gives the perfect scene for a calm setting.

Depending on your schedule and your body's rhythms, our experience is offered either for a morning or evening session. Morning practices and evening practices both offer value. Some people find a morning practice refreshing, energizing and inspiring — just what they need to start their day. Others rely on yoga to unwind and process a day's passing. Therefore, if you are a morning session person, our yoga lesson will start with your pick up 45-60 minutes just before sunrise (depending where the pickup location is) and if you prefer to practice yoga in the evening, your experience will end just before sundown. In any case, right after your yoga session, there will be a soothing cup of tea and biscuits waiting for you.

Mykonos has definitely plenty to offer when it comes to an unforgettable yoga experience. However, especially in Delos you will surely enjoy the picturesque view of the Mediterranean sea and the amazing Greek scenery. With a wonderful yoga retreat at Delos Island you will get that rejuvenated feel that we all so much seek.

Costs & Services
Cost per person 60 €
Shared cost for the boat rental 500 €
Option A 05:30-08:30
Option B 19:30-22:30
Transfer R/T per person
16 €
Supplements per person
Champagne & Special Drinks
Extras & Other Choices


  • Οpen bar Standard (incl. Wine house, beer, soft drinks, ouzo, raki): 15 € per person
  • Οpen bar Executive (as standard + Whiskey, Vodka, Cognac, Brandy, Campari, Sodas, Rum, Nuts & Seeds): 25 € per person
  • Cold Snacks on Board (cheese pies, sausage pies, tomatoes, cucumber, traditional feta cheese, tzatziki sauce and greek olives): 18 € per person
  • Buffet on Board (boiled shrimps with homemade sauce(mayo, tomato), smoked salmon with homemade yogurt sauce, homemade chicken nuggets, salads + fruit): 40 € per person
  • Castaway's Barbeque: 85 € per person
  • BBQ on board: 90 € per person
    * The bbq will take place on a smaller boat, which will sail next to the main boat. It will be visible at all times and its odors will accompany the passengers throught their cruise.
  • One way Transfer 8 € per person
  • Mykonos Cruises beach towels:
    Rental at 10 € each
    Sale at 20 € each
  • Snorkeling equipment: Rental 8 € each
  • Fishing Activity Equipments (fishing line & bait): Rental 18 € per person
  • Fishing Activity Equipments (fishing rod, fishing line & bait): Rental 45 € per person
  • Escorting Tender

    2-4pax: 150 € (click to see image)
  • Embarkation/Dissembarkation Tender

    Name: Eirini
    Design: Ranieri 520
    Length: 5,20m
    Width: 2,05m
    Weight: 510kg
    Horsepower: 115up
    Protocol for rental: 6 people
    Tender use: 8-10 people

    Tender cost for Nikolas
    Tender cost for Olga
    Tender cost for Argonaftis
    Tender cost for Pegasus
    Tender cost for Odysseas
    Tender cost for Jason
    Tender cost for Santa Maria
  • Jet Ski

    Jet Ski

    : 600 €. Includes: Fuel & 1 permanent staff for explanation and security
  • Canoe


    : 180 €
  • Kayak


    : 220 €
  • Floating Island

    Floating Island

    floating island
    : 400 € (for 6 pax)


  • Moet 150 € per bottle
  • Dom Perignon 410 € per bottle
  • Cristal Brut 660 € per bottle
  • Vodka/Tequila/Whisky Special 150 €


  • Photo Shooting 250 €
  • Film Making 380 €
  • Professional Fireworks 2 minutes from the beach 1850 €
  • Chef on Board 220 € + VIP MENU
  • VIP Menu Options: fish, meat, veggie starting from 40 € per person
  • Spa on Board 150 € per person
  • Extra bartenders or extra waitress 160 €
  • Extra Professional cruise escort 120 €
  • Boat Decoration from 200 €
  • Professional Sound Equipment Extra from 500 €
  • Fishing activity 250 €

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Athens Office: Priamou 11b, Agios Dimitrios 17343, Athens, Greece
  +30 210 9793501-2


Mary : +30 6936052829

Emergency Calls : +30 6948490008


Official tax Details: N.E. Shipping Company
Tax number: 997971558
Tax office: Mykonos

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